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Ecodan - suitable for both new and existing homes

The Government is focused on the need for housing growth as an ideal opportunity to cut energy use in homes and continues to introduce legislation and guidelines to support this.

Buildings account for 44% of all UK CO2 emissions (more than industry or transport)*4. As a nation we are now creating new low carbon houses, yet around 75% of existing homes will still be in use in 2050, so to a large extent our future housing stock is already built. If we can find ways of easily improving the efficiency of existing buildings we can make a dramatic difference to both CO2 emissions and energy use.

Ecodan provides a proven, efficient way of heating homes. The Government’s Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) will now pay for the generation of renewable heat through the Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI).

This has been designed to level the playing field between the cost of renewable and traditional fossil fuel systems.

Air source heat pumps are also covered by Permitted Development legislation because they can improve the efficiency of existing buildings, although noise levels must be taken into account.


Ecodan is recognised by the Noise Abatement Society and has received its prestigious Quiet Mark accreditation.


Before considering any heat pump, Mitsubishi Electric strongly recommends that basic thermal improvements are undertaken in these properties to provide the highest levels of thermal efficiency. These can include cavity wall insulation, loft insulation and double glazing.


In recognition of Ecodan’s status as a low carbon technology, the cost of VAT is reduced to 5% as opposed to the standard rate of VAT applicable on all traditional heating systems.



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